Orion Vibes International

Hi, we are Orion Vibes

We are digital marketing aficionados. We have learned and worked in multiple spheres of marketing, from a scratch.

Gone are the days when businesses could be happy with one social media account or a basic website. You still can have that limited exposure and be done with it. But others in your industry will have more and secure a loyal customer base with the comfort of massive digital exposure. At Orion Vibes, we believe with right communication channelled via right digital mediums, you can reach out to any target audience you select. Let’s get going

Orion Vibes International about us

Orion Vibes’ team is multitalented and vastly experienced and work with multinational corporations and individuals in highprofile professions. We have our own system of integrating concept knowledge with technical knowledge to produce optimal results.


We believe in being responsive and prompt.

We do not vague or deduce your requirements and simply apply our own schedule.

Each milestone of the planned we do with you is discussed, reviewed and checked for accuracy before signing off


We adopt an individual approach to each client.

We start our process by evaluating your prevailing digital presence. We then research to understand your business model, key stakeholders and specific business objectives.

Once we have gathered the required information, we move on to compiling a tailor-made offer for you.

Make the right choice! Every digital channel that complements your business can be managed tactically as your own reputation booster Learn more!